Nashville Windows and Door Replacements

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Nashville Windows

Located in Middle Tennessee, Zen Windows Nashville is all about providing an easy and stress free replacement window and door buying experience. We service all of Greater Nashville and surrounding areas. Our customers not only love the affordability and quality we offer, they love our process. We don’t believe in high pressure sales reps invading your home taking up your valuable time. In fact, we deliver your quote in 5 minutes. It’s that simple. No bait and switch gimmicks, no up sells, ever! How easy is that?

We carry only the best vinyl and composite replacement windows and doors in the industry, with a true lifetime warranty. There are no hidden fees and no surprises when it’s time to pay. These are some of the reasons why we are the fastest growing window replacement company in the U.S.

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Tips for Inspecting for Water Damage

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Every Home Owner’s Worst Nightmare

Of course, it is often the case that you cannot help but notice the perceptible signs of water damage in your home, especially when such damage is the result of a sudden, catastrophic event. For example a pipe bursts, or an old HVAC unit or water heater that hasn’t been properly maintained over the years finally breaks down and leaks. When this happens, you may very well find yourself rolling up your pant legs past your knees and wading through your flooded basement or living room. Worse still, unlike floods, storms, and other acts of god, your home owner’s insurance will not cover water damage that’s directly attributable to faulty plumbing or an appliance that hasn’t been periodically inspected and maintained.

Water Damage Inspection

Thankfully, however, these calamitous and extremely costly disasters can easily be avoided with routine maintenance of your water heater, HVAC units, washing machine, and plumbing. If you feel that it’s been too long since you had any one of these potential sources of water damage inspected then now is the time! As the saying goes, “it’s far better to be safe than sorry”.

If you find that you have water damage, or mold in your Florida house that needs to be repaired you can call the professionals at Restorational to repair your property.

Basements, Attics, and Crawlspaces

So you already know that you have to have your plumbing and water bearing appliances inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

What we want to focus on here are those areas of the home where water damage may be harder to spot, namely your attic, crawlspaces, and basements. These are the areas of a house where the temperature is typically far cooler, and they are often the areas that are more susceptible to the elements. As a result, these are often the spaces where moisture accumulates gradually over time. Here are a couple pointers any responsible homeowner should be aware of when on the look out for signs of damage in these out-of-the-way and too often neglected nooks and crannies of a house:

Use A Flashlight

The signs of water damage and creeping mold tend to appear in the points of union such as the “cove joint” (where the walls meet the floor) and other cracks and crevices. If you have wood stains paneling, any stains from moisture should be easy to spot. However, this is not always the case in every house, and at any rate, water damage experts recommend using a high powered flashlight to do a thorough water damage inspection.

In addition to doing a preliminary once over with the lights on, you should also use your high powered flashlight in the dark to look for problems. Turn off the lights, and focus the high powered beam at any openings you have identified, as well as at the base of any beams or other structures. Under these conditions -when it’s dark and you have high powered beam- problem areas and signs of water damage that you very well would have missed with your naked eye in normal light conditions become strikingly clear.

Check Around the Windows

Another common route of entry moisture takes into your home is through the window seams. In fact, if you have standard pane glass windows in your basement or another problematic area that easily becomes damp, you really should consider replacing these windows glass blocks as these are far, far less likely to be vulnerable to leaks.